Win the War of Ideas

Conservatives have failed to articulate and sell a national policy agenda to the country, a vision of what conservative policies can accomplish when put into practice. We've detailed the awful things the Obama Administration has done, all the failings of the left, and we've pledged to undo as much of that as we can. That's good, it needs to be done.But conservatives must be willing to demonstrate that we have the courage of our convictions by going on offense in the war of ideas. That is where AMERICA NEXT comes in.

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K-12 Education Reform: A Roadmap



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Energy: The Jobs Plan America Needs

September 3, 2013

Making America an Energy Superpower

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The America Next Health Care Plan

September 3, 2013

Prescription for Conservative Consumer-Focused Health Reform

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Bobby Jindal in the Wall Street Journal: Trump Wins Every Democratic Debate

October 13, 2019

The Republican National Committee should offer to be the official sponsor of a weekly Democratic presidential debate. There would be no better advertisement for President Trump’s re-election. Every time the Democratic presidential contenders gather together, it’s a contest between the merely delusional, the vaguely vindictive and the patently absurd. Read more…

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Bobby Jindal in the Wall Street Journal: Conservatives, Put Culture First

July 2, 2019

Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously observed that conservatives recognize “culture, not politics, determines the success of a society,” while liberals believe “politics can change a culture and save it from itself.” Yet today’s conservatives and liberals both tend to demand cultural results from political and economic systems. Liberals invest ever more moral meaning into politics, and […]

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Bobby Jindal in the Wall Street Journal: The GOP’s Duty: Explain the Cost of ‘Free’

May 29, 2019

Progressives are changing the Democratic Party’s focus from building stronger safety nets for the disadvantaged to subsidizing everything for everybody. Whereas Barack Obama once appeared radical for subsidizing health-care costs for the middle class as well as the poor, Democrats now promise free college, free health care and more—for everyone. Republicans can’t outspend Democrats, but […]

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Bobby Jindal in the Wall Street Journal: Conservatives, Resist the Tribal Temptation

April 8, 2019

Modern liberalism has broken from its roots by focusing on groups rather than individuals, reimagining Western history as irredeemably corrupt, and celebrating victimhood. The danger is not only that the new left might win in the marketplace of ideas, but that conservatives will pervert their own beliefs in response. Not long ago, liberals and conservatives […]

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Bobby Jindal in the Wall Street Journal: American Capitalism Is Fine, Thank You

March 11, 2019

Liberal politicians, abetted by the mainstream media, regularly document the alleged shortcomings of free-market capitalism. Politicians like Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez point to rising inequality and a supposed lack of upward mobility to make the case for socialism. Today, American Democrats have a more positive view of socialism than capitalism, and less […]

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Bobby Jindal in the Wall Street Journal: The Left’s Idea of Generosity

February 3, 2019

Studies consistently show that Republicans give more than Democrats to private charities. But as any liberal will happily tell you, that doesn’t capture the whole picture. The left, they say, is far more generous than the right. It’s just that they don’t express their concern for the disadvantaged via charitable giving. Rather, they raise taxes […]