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Biden Beats Medicare

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Obamacare isn’t affordable healthcare. Republicans should put patients and doctors back in charge

June 28, 2024

By Bobby Jindal and Newt Gingrich The American people are waking up to President Joe Biden and the Democrats’ healthcare failures. Recent polling by America’s New Majority Project, a project of Gingrich 360, shows that 59% of voters say healthcare has become more expensive under Biden, 59% say health insurance has become more expensive, and […]

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Biden Sabotages Medicare Advantage

April 9, 2024

By Bobby Jindal and Charlie Katebi President Biden accuses Republicans of seeking to cut Medicare. In his 2025 budget proposal to Congress, Mr. Biden vowed to “reject any efforts to cut or undermine the Medicare or Social Security benefits that seniors and people with disabilities have earned and paid into their entire working lives.” That’s […]

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Attention, policymakers: Medicare Advantage enrollees love their coverage and their licensed agents

March 15, 2024

 By Bobby Jindal and Steve Beshear Even the most well-intentioned government actions risk backfiring when undertaken without due care and deliberation. Incremental, focused change helps ensure outcomes that align with the best interests of citizens. As former state governors, one a Democrat and one a Republican, we understand that principle, one we worked to make […]

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5 steps toward a fresh approach to health care reform

February 21, 2024

By Bobby Jindal and Newt Gingrich These 5 fresh principles for health care reform will resonate across party lines As the cost of living continues to be a crucial concern for voters, there’s an urgent need for candidates to present viable solutions for making health care both affordable and accessible. Here are five fresh principles […]

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Affordable prescription drugs need bipartisan patent reform

February 15, 2024

By Bobby Jindal and Charlie Katebi Like food, gas, and other essential products, the public is now paying more for prescription drugs than ever before. In January alone, drug manufacturers raised the price of more than 910 major brand-name drugs by 5% on average, according to the drug price nonprofit 46Brooklyn Research. Between 2011 and […]