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Republicans shouldn’t fear Dobbs abortion decision

September 23, 2022

by Bobby Jindal Republicans panicked that abortion will ruin their November prospects can learn from Obamacare . Passing that legislation cost President Barack Obama control of the House of Representatives — and the ability to pass significant legislation. Backlash against the massive increase in government spending gave birth to the Tea Party and helped Republicans […]

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Republicans Should Embrace Grace

September 20, 2022

by Bobby Jindal Despite their protests to the contrary, Democrats seem determined to keep Donald Trump at the center of the nation’s political stage. From the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago to Joe Biden’s recent speech at Independence Hall excoriating Trump’s followers, if the current administration wanted to ensure Trump is the 2024 Republican nominee, this […]

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A Revolution Is Coming in Heart-Disease Treatment

August 2, 2022

by Bobby Jindal and Neil M. Gheewala A cancer-care revolution that started in the 1980s is spreading to cardiac care. In the 1980s, cancer was treated almost exclusively in hospital settings. These days, more than 80% of all cancer care happens in community outpatient centers, which achieve better outcomes, keep costs low, and offer a […]

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Democrats See Republicans as the Enemy, Not As Loyal Opposition

July 28, 2022

by Bobby Jindal Democrats have long portrayed Donald Trump as a singular threat to democracy, who deserves to be driven from the public square and polite company. Their contempt has rested on ever-changing rationales—from crude behavior and tweets to Russian collaboration to the January 6th attack. It seems Democrats would much rather look backwards than […]

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Republicans Must Learn to ‘Compromise’ Like Democrats

July 11, 2022

by Bobby Jindal Joe Biden campaigned on his ability to restore comity to Washington, D.C., work across party lines, and put nation above party. He did the exact opposite after his election. The press conveniently forgot his campaign promises, subordinating them to the need to confront a series of supposed existential crises—saving humanity from COVID-19, […]

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Biden’s far-left approach to ‘health

April 12, 2022

by Bobby Jindal and Abigail Slagle People should not expect the Biden administration to solve problems with the healthcare system anytime soon. In fact, the president’s 2023 budget exacerbates some healthcare challenges. Policies contained in Biden’s budget continue to cater to a far-left agenda and perpetuate leading from behind on COVID-19. The Centers for Disease […]