President Biden Has Governed from the Radical Left

by Bobby Jindal

President Joe Biden immodestly claims he has accomplished more in his first year than his predecessors. He does admit his failures, namely his inability to cause Republicans to have an “epiphany” and endorse his expansive climate, spending and immigration proposals. He sounds more like a college applicant who claims his greatest shortcoming is that he works too hard than the leader of the free world. He claims Republican opposition is worse than what former president Barack Obama faced. Democrats used to portray conservative opposition to Mr. Obama’s agenda as racist, but it’s unlikely they’ll view opposition to policies from the old, straight, white man currently in the White House as progress towards a colorblind society.

After campaigning as a moderate and promising to bring normalcy and bipartisanship back to Washington, Mr. Biden has governed from the far left. He now blames Republicans for not endorsing Bernie Sanders-style policies simply because Mr. Biden is the one offering them. When 10 moderate Republican senators offered to approve over $600 billion in additional COVID assistance, including funding for vaccines, direct payments and enhanced unemployment benefits, Mr. Biden refused to engage with them and chose instead to use a partisan reconciliation process to push through a $1.9 trillion bill. Sen. Chuck Schumer said Democrats had learned their lesson from the Obama years, apparently thinking the former president’s mistake was that he borrowed and spent too little, too slowly…

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