Our Mission

Conservatives are very adept at explaining and detailing the failings of Liberals, Obamacrats, Progressives, and the like.

Conservatives are good at running attack ads… as are Liberals.

Conservatives are good at raising money for political campaigns… as are Liberals.

But here’s the truth- Conservatives have failed to articulate and sell a national policy agenda to the country, a vision of what conservative policies can accomplish when put into practice. We’ve detailed the awful things the Obama Administration did, all the failings of the left, and we’ve pledged to undo as much of that as we can.

That’s good, it needs to be done.

But conservatives must be willing to demonstrate that we have the courage of our convictions by going on offense in the war of ideas. That is where AMERICA NEXT comes in.

The political consultant class warns officeholders with this admonition – “just attack your opponent, and never give your enemy the rope to hang you with.” By that they mean – don’t espouse any ideas or plans, don’t give any specifics that your opponent can use against you, just attack the other side.

The American public demands more than that, and they should.

There is a great sense in this country that the left-wing Obama experiment was a failure. Some are not quite ready to say that out loud, but you know they are thinking it. It’s coming. A rebellion is brewing outside the Washington beltway.

If we believe in the principles we espouse, then we should have no fear of putting them into practice, and we should have no fear of articulating for the American people exactly what a conservative policy agenda will do.

We’ve said what we are against. But shame on us if we don’t put pen to paper and begin selling the American public on a new policy direction for this country.

Many historians call the 20th century the American century, and they see this century as something different. Many of our politicians act as if our best days are behind us.

We disagree.

We believe America is a forever young country, and that we can usher in a new era of growth, of freedom, of unprecedented success and greatness. Freedom is never an old idea.

However, we also believe that if we don’t develop and enact a new policy agenda in Washington very soon, our country will decline. We believe the hour is late.

It’s up to us. Each generation must affirm the promise and the Dream of America for themselves. Our generations have thus far failed to do so.

There will be no change in our country or in Washington, without building, championing, and selling the ideas that can unleash great opportunities for an American future.

Margaret Thatcher famously contended that first we must win the war of ideas, after that we can win the election.

AMERICA NEXT is not focused on elections.

No, winning the war of ideas – that is what AMERICA NEXT intends to do, and that is what America needs.