Immigration Without Assimilation Is Just Invasion

To begin to fix immigration, we must agree the American identity is worth preserving and then work to build an immigration system that nourishes it.

Can Washington discuss immigration without devolving into a debate about racism? If we lay down our Twitter weapons, perhaps we could discuss what kind of immigration we need.

Should we allow anyone, from anywhere, to come here at any time? Amid the political establishment’s promotion of all immigration as virtuous and their relentless attacks on all things traditional or patriotic, we can demand something better: An immigration system that is good for America and requires that the immigrants we admit want to be Americans.

Immigration has long nourished our country. Our parents were immigrants, like those rooting nearly every American family tree, and we support legal immigration. Yet we also believe we ought to lock our national doors at night, not because we hate the people on the outside, but because we love the people on the inside.

We want to protect the nation we are blessed to share. Immigration is essential nourishment for our country but can be healthy or unhealthy, like nourishment for the body. We cannot consume all we want, whenever we want, without limit or discretion.

The most valuable resource on the planet is not mined underground, harvested from our oceans, or grown on the earth’s surface. It is the human resource, people, and America needs an immigration strategy that competes for those who make us stronger. Even as global population growth slows, and some advanced nations like Japan and Italy struggle to hold steady, French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have tried to compete with America for scientists and technology workers.

Despite what conservatives hear on talk radio, our country may soon need to hang “help wanted” signs on our border, seeking a new generation of immigrants to refresh it. The trick is to make sure they contribute to, not erode, the America that attracts them. New American or old, we should all be required to support the freedoms and culture that light our gates…

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