New Article: Embracing Chaos in the Trump Era

December 20, 2019

The angry Left is irrational, the president thrives amid drama, and the media can’t turn away. Buckle up.

Trump has an amazing ability to excite both his supporters and his critics; rare is the individual who has not taken a side. His strongest partisans think that Trump can do no wrong, and they show a remarkable ability to shift their previous ideological commitments in order to accommodate the president’s latest policy positions. The same Republicans who saw Obama’s deficits as existential threats and chafed at his premature withdrawal of troops from Iraq have kept their silence in the face of rising debt and Trump’s withdrawal from Syria.

Trump’s critics show the same consistency in opposing Trump, even when it means they must abandon their previous positions. The same Democrats who publicly opposed Obama’s dispatch of troops to Syria now refuse to authorize their continued presence or approve Trump’s withdrawal. Many Democrats resist giving Trump credit for embracing the criminal-justice reforms they have long championed — and for doing more than Obama ever tried.

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