Release: Governor Jindal and America Next Unveil Job Plan for America’s Future

September 16, 2014

Plan Harnesses America’s Energy to Cultivate Economic Growth, Opportunity

WASHINGTON D.C. – Today, America Next released its policy plan to harness America’s abundant energy and cultivate economic growth. The plan rejects the federal government’s current policy of crushing energy production and economic development and replaces it with solutions to create millions of jobs, lower energy prices for consumers and revitalize the American economy. The plan was co-authored by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Texas Congressman Bill Flores.

America Next Honorary Chairman Governor Bobby Jindal said, “This is not just an energy plan – it’s a jobs plan and a strategy for America’s economic future. It’s the kind of stimulus that can get our country moving again—creating millions of jobs while lowering energy prices for consumers. And unlike President Obama’s “stimulus” disaster—which created nearly a trillion dollars in spending and debt for the federal government—this jobs program would actually raise revenue for the federal government.”

“The plan is simple: affordable American energy. Affordable energy prices mean more money in people’s pockets, allowing Americans access to better housing, nutrition, education, health care, environmental protections, and other consumer goods and services. The plan calls for promoting responsible development of domestic energy resources and construction of infrastructure to transport it, encouraging energy innovation so that all energy sectors are competing on a level playing field, eliminating burdensome regulations, and unlocking the economic potential of the manufacturing renaissance by putting America’s energy resources to work.

“Affordable American energy will stimulate local economies across the nation, creating additional jobs. The energy sector already creates millions of jobs on its own, and is capable of creating millions more if the federal government would make the right policy decisions that would allow it to thrive. But sadly, too often it hasn’t. Like many on the left, President Obama believes in making energy less affordable, more burdensome and more scarce, for the American people. The Administration is deliberately squandering the opportunities that affordable energy can bring by refusing to develop all the energy resources owned by the American people.

“But with this plan we’re announcing today, we can make an energy economic boom a reality. Our plan to promote American energy stands in direct contrast to the Obama Administration’s tired policies of energy scarcity and sluggish growth. Following the basic principles of this plan will lead to changes that generate energy abundance and stronger economic growth for the United States for decades to come. This vision of energy abundance represents a way forward far better than the Obama Administration’s obsession with energy scarcity—and it is a policy long overdue.”

Co-author Congressman Bill Flores said, “This plan is a game-changer for energy as we know it in America today. It’s also a game-changer for our entire economy. Once implemented, these solutions will allow America to tap into its own valuable and abundant energy resources, lowering energy prices and putting us the road to energy independence and economic prosperity. Compared to the high cost, burdensome, big-government energy regulations of the Obama administration, this plan is a refreshing way to take our country’s energy potential to new heights. The bottom line: it’s a win-win for everyone, particularly for hardworking American families.”

The America Next energy plan includes 42 individual policy recommendations for developing America’s full energy and economic potential. These proposals will lower energy prices, spark economic growth, and generate additional royalty revenue for both states and the federal government. The recommendations are based on the following six principles:

1)    Promote responsible development of domestic energy resources and construction of infrastructure to transport it;

2)    Encourage technological innovation of renewables and emerging energy resources;

3)    Unlock the economic potential of the manufacturing renaissance by putting America’s energy resources to work;

4)    Eliminate burdensome regulations;

5)    Bolster national security;

6)    Take simple steps to address the possible risks of climate change, in concert with other major economies.

To view the full energy paper, click here.

To view the executive summary, click here.

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