PREVIEW: Governor Jindal Address to Heritage Foundation on A Job Plan for America

September 16, 2014

Washington D.C. – Today, Governor Bobby Jindal will present America Next’s energy policy plan to the Heritage Foundation. The plan focuses on harnessing America’s abundant energy to create millions of jobs and revitalize the American economy. Below are excerpts of Governor Jindal’s remarks as prepared for delivery:


It’s truly an honor to be with you here at Heritage today. I want to thank all of you for being here.

As you know I’m in Washington today for the purpose of releasing America Next’s second policy plan.  As you may know, our first policy plan was a health care plan for America – a conservative plan that can be put in place the day after we eliminate Obamacare.

Today I’m introducing our energy plan, which I co-authored along with Congressman Bill Flores.  Who better to talk about energy than a Louisiana Governor and a Texas Congressman?

I’m going to talk for about 10-12 minutes, and after that I’d like to take questions, rather than give a lecture.


We all know that different countries have differing levels of natural resources.

But what if there was a country that had a combination of more oil, more natural gas, more coal, and more energy resources than any other country in the world?

Just think of the advantages such a country would have.

And what if that country also had the best energy technology in the world, giving them the most advanced use of wind, solar, and biofuels in the entire world?

Imagine the potential for growth in such a country.  Wouldn’t you like to live in that country?

Perhaps you assume that I am referring to a fictional nation, or maybe you think I’m speaking of the Saudi’s, or the Russians, or the Chinese?

No.  I am not.

The country I describe, the one with more combined resources and better technology than any other country in the world, the one with enormous upside growth potential, is the United States of America.

So congratulations, such a country does exist, and you live in it.

America is right now poised for a golden age of energy—an era of energy abundance, low prices, and job growth that can be the envy of the world.

We can embrace this opportunity – and with the right policies that promote abundant and affordable energy, millions of Americans can benefit from new, quality, high-paying jobs.

Smart energy policy is the way to grow our economy and create jobs.


But the tragic part is this — none of what I just described is happening now, and even more alarming, none of it is inevitable.

Without a smart and aggressive energy plan, we will fail to seize this opportunity.  In fact, we are on the road to failure right now.

Despite our incredible potential, today America suffers under a government-created energy crisis.

The Obama administration policies are based on a radical leftist ideology that is causing America to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Next time someone tells you that the government in Washington can’t accomplish anything, let them know they are wrong.  Our government is currently accomplishing the task of holding America back.

The sad reality is that the far-left, which owns the Obama administration, is pushing energy austerity, and is holding America hostage to its extremist and unscientific views.

Here’s the truth – radical left wing environmental policy is religion for the modern day Democrat Party.  It is their faith.

But it is not based on science, sound policy, or any shred of concern for America’s economy.

There are many examples.  You all know the facts about the Keystone XL pipeline project.  Countless studies have shown that it is a safe and environmentally sound project.   But Keystone and the tens of thousands of jobs it would bring remain on the drawing board.

Why?   Because American energy policy is currently driven by the logic-free and fact-free zones in Hollywood and the White House.

Another example — Liberal groups like Artists Against Fracking, founded by Yoko Ono and including celebrities from Richard Gere to Lady Gaga, are touting fact-free Hollywood celebrity-driven campaigns against a technology that has given us energy security and clean-burning energy while lowering emissions of all types.  Oh, and it has also created thousands of good paying jobs.

Leftists tend to call skeptics of their utopian policies “Deniers,” but if they think that Yoko Ono and Lady Gaga should be setting American energy policy, I am happy to go on record denying that it’s a good idea.

The liberals who populate the Obama Administration have made a religion out of opposing sensible energy policies.

When it comes to energy policy, the Obama Administration is best described as “science deniers”.


Meanwhile, hostile nations around the world, sitting on fewer energy resources than the United States, celebrate high energy prices and take advantage of these high prices to make their nations rich.

Under the Obama administration, America neither does everything we can to increase energy production to take advantage of high energy prices nor actively works to bring such prices down.

Excessive restrictions on American power plants, refineries, and other American energy businesses make our mounting energy problems even worse.

At the same time, the Obama administration brags about bankrupting entire industries, and touts their desire to see consumers pay higher prices.

Many conservatives contend that the federal government has gotten into the habit of picking winners and losers.  That’s true, but under Obama’s leadership, they have changed the approach – now they only pick losers.  With boondoggles like the Solyndra left win fantasy, the American taxpayers are the losers.


So…America has a choice to make:

Embrace our resources and technological abilities and usher in an unprecedented era of energy independence and job growth.


Stay the course of the Obama administration’s radical left policies and watch these opportunities for job growth, lower prices, and energy independence slip through our grasp.

A truly effective American energy policy will recognize that abundant energy resources are a blessing, not a curse.

The America Next plan I am unveiling today includes 42 individual policy recommendations for developing America’s full energy and economic potential.

This plan is the kind of stimulus that could get our country moving again—creating millions of jobs, lowering prices for consumers, revitalizing our economy.

The jobs that affordable energy can create will only come to our shores if we make the right policy choices.

The America Next plan being released today outlines this vision—a vision of energy abundance and energy security.  Our plan will deliver:

·      An explosion of good paying manufacturing job growth,

·      Abundant energy at affordable prices for consumers,

·      Energy independence from foreign nations.

With families still struggling from years of economic stagnation, and the labor participation rate near 36-year lows, it’s about time for our country to adopt policies that can generate additional growth.

If the next President continues the radical left policies of the Obama Administration – we will miss the boat.

But we cannot afford to miss this boat.  Let’s embrace a new golden age of energy abundance and job growth, let’s get rid of the left wing ideologues and crackpots, and use the resources with which our country has been blessed to get America moving again.

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